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About Us

Rev. Ann Rea



Admittedly an Incurable Enthusiast, Rev. Ann Rea brings her sense of wonder & exuberance for life to all that she does, empowering everyone to fully realize and more deeply connect with their own inherent Greatness. 

Her background includes decades of Corporate and Personal Life Enrichment Training during her 30 years in the wine industry.

Spiritual Counselors


Practitioners are here to help.
A Centers for Spiritual Living Spiritual Counselor is a person of high spiritual consciousness and deep understanding, trained in the art, science and skill of Affirmative Prayer. 

Practitioners are available for individual spiritual support sessions on a fee basis. A session with a Practitioner provides a safe, nurturing environment for you to explore your spiritual practices and current beliefs that you would like to change. 

Question & Explore


  Where better than with like-minded people can we question, explore and discover what is true for us? Life is dynamic. The person you are TODAY can make new, self-loving, life-affirming choices. 

  Wherever you are, the moment is NOW to start to live the life you have dreamed.

“No matter what our past has been, we have a spotless future.” Dan Clark